Charcoal Flame Grill catering is available for special occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, showers, celebrations, outdoor functions, meetings and corporate events. Learn more about catering here.

Specializing in Mediterranean Food

One of the best gyros in the U.S. - Mashable

Charcoal Flame is one of the newest restaurants in Morton Grove

Come on in and enjoy a delicious meal from our top chefs, Gregory and Costa! We offer Chicago classics such as hot dogs and sausages, skirt and Philly steak sandwiches, a wide selection of hearty gourmet burgers, best gyros in the U.S., succulent chicken sandwiches, traditional kebobs, ribs, seafood, and of course, Greek specialties like pastichio, spanakopita, and Grecian boneless pork chops. Healthy salads, great homemade soups, and an abundance of side orders are available as well.

See why Mashed said “…a humble restaurant tucked in the Chicago Suburbs is giving the gyros of Athens a run for its money.”